7 Ways to Start 2020 Naturally

January 13, 2020

As we settle into 2020, I figured what better time than now to do a blog post on simple ways to get yourself into gear naturally. Consider this a blueprint to your skin, health and mind. There is no better time to start then now. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “Where do I begin?” And to be honest there is no right or wrong way to start – just start! My clients will always hear me say less is more and the same goes with transitioning into a nontoxic lifestyle. Do what works for you with the season that you are in because we all have different budgets as well as priorities. Therefore, small steps will lead to big results! To make this transition easier, here are my recommendations.

1). Don’t throw everything out.

When it comes to transitioning from mainstream makeup/skincare to nontoxic makeup/skincare it can become very overwhelming and epensive. Therefore, I recommend starting with products that you have that are almost empty. Begin educating yourself by downloading the Think Dirty App and scan those in. You will find which products score the worst and have the most harmful ingredients. Begin by swapping those out. If you can only make a change to one product then just swap out one product. The important part is that you are starting to become aware and make changes.

2). Shop Smart

While it is not easy to find quality nontoxic makeup products – it can also be expensive. Trust me, I know!! Shop at stores that truly believe in clean items that you do not have to compromise the ingredient list. When you shop at larger chain stores you are finding items that are greenwashed and you want to avoid that as much as possible. You can shop the following stores online or in person:

  • Credo Beauty (3 Free Samples with all orders and Free Shipping on order $50+)
  • The Detox Market (they also offer a monthly beauty box that has at least $90 of green beauty)
  • Follain (most comprehensive banned ingredient list).

3). Allow time for the new products to work

When transitioning to a cleaner lifestyle you have to give it time. The skin is the largest organ we have and as you begin to incorporate cleaner ingredients you may go through a detox phase. This is completely normal. I typically give myself a full 30 days of using a product to see if it truly works well for me. Some people may complain of experiencing breakouts after using cleaner skincare products which can be common because the skin has a build up of toxins from synthetics in mainstream products.

4). Eliminate toxins with essential oils

There is no better time to get started with essential oils than now! Essential oils are natures gift to you. There are three oils in particular that I use on a daily basis:

  • Lemon essential oil for its cleansing benefits to the body. I add 2 drops to 16 oz of filtered water every morning upon waking up.
  • Frankincense essential oil for its antiaging properties. I add 1 drop to my moisturizer every day because it rejuvenates the skin.
  • Lavender essential oil for its calming benefits to the mind as well as the skin. Add 1 drop to your moisturizer for dry irritated skin and 1 drop to the palm of your hands with a deep inhale for calmness during the hectic day or night.

But, before you run to your local store make sure you know what kind of essential oils you are using because not all essential oils are created equal. You will hear me discuss this frequently on social media. Purity is very important when it comes to using essential oils because you want to know where the plants are being harvested from, what the distillation process is, and what testing is taking place for potency and purity. You do not want to start using essential oils that have synthetics in them because that will cause more harm than good. With that said, I trust Doterra and here is some additional information: Click here

5). Drink filtered / mineral water

Drinking water is one of the keys to glowing skin. Rule of thumb, for me, is to drink half your body weight in ounces. It will give your body the hydration it deserves. Unfortunately, drinking bottled water or tap water will not do your body any justice. There are many toxins in commercial water such as heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, and hormone disruptors (just to name a few). If you can not afford a filtration system or do not have the room for it then look into mineral water. My two recommendations are Mountain Valley Spring Water which has naturally balanced pH and a rich blend of calcium, magnesium and potassium or Gerolsteiner which has the best sparkling taste with a rich mineral content.

6). Exercise

Exercising is so important because it raises the oxygen levels in your body, gets your metabolism moving, and allows you to excrete toxins out of the body through sweat. As much as I loved going to the gym, my body just could not handle the high intensity workouts anymore. I found myself fatigued after workouts and I was actually doing my body more harm than good. After a while these high intensity workouts can produce a lot of stress on your adrenal glands and that is something you want to avoid. After much research, I found myself signing up for P Volve. What I liked about P Volve is that the sessions are 25-40 minutes and they are micro movements that leave your body lean and strong. The owner of P Volve is Stephen Pastorino and he combines phyiscal therapy practies with musculoskeletal expertise as well as functional science. (Yes please to all of these!) P.S. – P.Volve offers a free 15-day streaming trial to see if it’s a good fit for you before committing!

7). Sleep

While it is important to exercise it is also important to recover. Healing takes place the moment our body is at rest. The best way to heal the body and recover from the day is to get enough sleep. If you find yourself unable to unwind at night – create a bed time routine for yourself. Start by putting the Do Not Disturb setting on your phone so that you will not be reminded of any in coming stuff that can wait until the morning, take a warm epsom salt bath with lavender oil, or apply essential oils to the soles of the feet to help relax the body (some of my faves include Adaptiv, Balance, and Console). The most regenerative sleep occurs from 10pm-2am so try your best to be in bed before 10:30 pm.

I hope that you enjoyed my 7 Ways to Start 2020 Naturally. Be kind to yourself. If you can’t commit to all 7 steps than start with one step. Less is more and build yourself up gradually. Any questions please comment below.

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