The Best Eyebrow Products with Kosas

April 9, 2021

It is really hard to find good eyebrow products especially when venturing off into cleaner beauty.  I take my eyebrows very serious because it took me years to get them to grow in properly.  I still have very sparse areas on my eyebrows and that is why I find it so important to have products that perform well without leaving my eyebrows looking painted on.  Gel eyebrow products can be too harsh on the brows while some pencils can be too thick.  This is why I have been on the hunt for a brow pencil that has clean ingredients but also has a thin tip making it easy to fill my eyebrows in.

Then, just when I was losing hope in finding a clean eyebrow pencil, I received an email to my inbox that notified me Kosas was launching there brow team the following morning!  I could not believe the news and patiently waited until the follow morning to order the entire brow team set!  A few clicks and I received my notification to my inbox that my order was being processed.  (You know that excitement you get when you just ordered makeup and you receive the email that your order is being process – it’s pure joy!)

Let’s get into the good stuff.  There are three products with the Kosas Brow Team:  Kosas Brow Power, Kosas Air Brow Tinted and Kosas Air Brow Clear.  The shade that I chose was soft brown because I find that when you go just a smidge lighter than your natural brow hair color it looks so beautiful.

The Kosas Brow Power Pencil has a triangular tip to it which gives you the opportunity to fill in your eyebrows with hair like strokes or a fuller definition.  The Brow Power Pencil formula has castor oil to help nourish and strengthen brow hairs and panthenol pro vitamin B5 to help the brow hairs retain moisture and give volume.  Giving you double duty when it comes to a brow pencil – performance and skincare.

kosas brow pencil
Before and After of using the Kosas Brow Power Pencil in Soft Brown

The Kosas Tinted Air Brow is incredible because its very lightweight but packs pigment and helps you define the brows a little bit more because it contains biodegradable plant-based microfibers.  I really like it because I am sparse in certain areas and the air brow just finalizes the look and you will see that in my video.  It contains castor oil, biotinoyl tripeptide-1, a type of peptide that helps reduce hair loss (umm yes please) while making the hairs appear fuller: and panthenol, aka vitamin B5.

Kosas Brow Power Pencil in Soft Brown

The Kosas Air Brow Clear is wonderful for setting your eyebrows in place.  You can use it with the brow team or alone.  If you are looking for a more laminating effect on the brow then go straight to the brow clear.  Before I fell in love with tinted brow gels I always went for my clear brow gels to set my eyebrows in place after penciling them in.  The clear gel also contains hyaluronic acid and trehalose which will strengthen the eyebrow hairs with antioxidant support.

Now, onto the packaging!  I have to gush over it because it’s so pretty and giving me some 90’s vibes.  The pencil resembles those cool gel pens I had when I was in high school.  And I have to say they look so pretty on my makeup vanity next to my other products! You can see more about the Kosas Brow Team in the video below where I go over all the products and show you exactly how I use them.

Kosas Brow Team Review

So tell me, have you used these brow products yet? Tell me your thoughts!

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