How to Transition Your Beauty Routine from Summer to Fall

October 14, 2020

Fall is in full swing and so are the Pumpkin Spice Latte’s. With the fall comes cooler weather which in turn will give you (sometimes) drier skin. Therefore, with each new season it’s so important to change up your beauty routine. Today, I am going to give you some steps for your skincare routine as well as makeup options to put your best face forward for Fall!!

1). Exfoliation: It is so important to exfoliate your skin especially after summer. This gives you the opportunity to get rid of the dead skin cells that are laying dormant on your skin. I love incorporating the Foreo Luna into my p.m. skincare routine because it gives the skin a deeper cleanse by minimizing the dirt that is built up on the skin as well as any oils. It has silicone bristles and a T-sonic power to effectively unclog your pores and enhance the absorption of your skincare products. The other benefit of using this tool for your fall skincare routine is that it will help remove the makeup residue left on the skin.

2). Essential Oils: Ditch the mainstream skincare products that are so bad for your endocrine syste. Turn to essential oils that will treat your skin effectively and naturally but pack a powerful punch to get your skin in tip top shape during the fall season. These are my top 3 essential oils for fall:

(You can purchase all three esential oils here.)

3). Foundation: It is so hard to find a foundation that is buildable but enter Crunchi’s Beautifully Flawless foundation. This is a great foundation for Fall because of its creamy texture, pigmentation and it’s semi-matte. If your skin tends to get drier in the cooler months this foundation will help because it contains jojoba oil and aloe.

4). Contouring: Who doesn’t like a little contour to define the face. Its a great trick to do on the face during the fall and Crunchi’s Solarize Bronzer makes it so easy to create because it’s a matte formula that is ultra pigmented. Pro tip: it can also act as an eyeshadow.

5). Lips: Fall calls for deeper lip shades. This time of year is a great way to start experimenting with deeper shades on the lips. My go to fall lips shades the last few weeks have been Fringed and Undone by Kosas! Pro Tip: Dab your ring finger into the lipstick and then tap it onto your lips for a more subtle look.

6). Nails: Nothing speaks fall more than deep nail colors. Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics makes it so easy to transition because she offers nontoxic nail polishes that are not only gorgeous but better for your nails. They are free of formaldehyde, phthalate and toluene. The two shades I have been wearing lately are Greige and Mahogany.

That wraps up my post on how to transition your beauty routine for Fall! I hope you enjoyed it. So, tell me what you’re looking to try first.

You can check out my video for more details on everything I mentioned:

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