Three Steps to Navigate Through Times Like These

May 8, 2020

My clients and followers ask me how do I manage to stay on track during times like these?  Well, for me my answer is easy. I have to keep up with my routine otherwise I can easily find myself falling off completely.  And that is something I truly want to avoid. ⠀

I am constantly educating about the benefits of achieving glowing skin through nourishing your gut with skin loving foods.  But, it doesn’t stop there. ⠀It is so important to keep your body moving so that you release toxins which will also increasing your energy. As well as implementing skin loving foods and drinking enough fluids throughout the day.

Here are 3 things that I implement and teach:⠀

1). Stay Hydrated:  It is so important to give your body the proper hydration.  Especially during these times you do not want to overdo the coffee or alcohol because it will dehydrate the skin.  Instead, I opt for 70oz of water per day.  How do I calcuate that number?  So easy!  Just take your total weight and divide that in half.  That is the ounces of water you should be drinking daily.  I boost my water with Doterra’s essential oils because they help me with removing toxins out of my liver, immune support, and cellular repair.⠀

2). Exercise:  During times like these you may find it daunting to get yourself to work out.  Exercise has been shown to improve your mood and produce positive feelings!  I stopped high intensity workouts over a year ago.  I found myself exhausted and not achieving the results I wanted. (more info coming on that soon)  Enter P. Volve !  Micro-movements activating hard to reach muscles.  Created by Stephen Pasterino to work with your body not against it.  I stream it in the convenience of my home and these workouts do not disappoint! ⠀

3). Eat whole foods:  Nourish your body with the fruits and veggies that resemble the rainbow.  It’s one of the keys to glowing skin.  The more you develop a routine of incorporating real food into your daily regimen – you will not only feel better and be more motivated but your body will be craving that home cooked meal.  Utilize this time at home to reinvent your cooking skills.  Make it fun – even if it’s starting with a delicious smoothie!  Its a start! ⠀

So tell me, how are you staying movtivated?


4 responses to “Three Steps to Navigate Through Times Like These”

  1. Laurene Montero says:

    Thank you, Josephine! I appreciate the information you provide to all of us.

  2. Mary Fusco says:

    Great Info!! Thank you!! 👍👍

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